Easynic System Status

Storage Array Upgrade of Operating System and Disk Firmware

As part of our commitment to quality and continual improvement, we will be rebooting the Service Processors in some of our DellEMC Unity arrays as advised by the vendor, DellEMC.

Dell recommends this as a proactive action to address a recently announced issue.

What will happen?

Each service processor will be rebooted one at a time. The total estimated time for this activity is around 1 hour.

When will the work be carried out?

The maintenance work will begin at 16:00 (GMT) on 24/03/23 and is expected to last for 1 hour until 17:00 (GMT) on 24/03/23.

Who will be completing the work?

All of the work will be completed by iomart Support.

Will I experience downtime?

No downtime is expected but as with any upgrade or maintenance work, there are risks present. To mitigate these risks, the Dell SAN system is an active/active system and the partner controller will take over the tasks of the upgraded service processor during the reboot that is required. All storage paths to each storage processor are also served via redundant storage fabrics.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this work, please contact the VIP Support team or your Account Manager.